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We can generally give you a decision within two days of receiving your loan application and can close escrow fairly quickly.

We give you fast answers

If you are receiving payments on a note and first trust deed we will be glad to give  you a quote to purchase your interest.

We buy discounted notes

We work with individuals who want to loan money to people owning real estate in the Rogue Valley, rather than placing their funds in institutions... And we’re good at giving quick answers! We have an extensive list of private investors to fund loans in the $20,000 to $250,000 range.

We match lenders and borrowers

We can arrange loan terms that match your unique situation. Loan terms are generally amortized over 20 years and due in 5 or 10 years. We do offer bridge loans that have an 18 month maturity for unique situations.

We have loan flexibility for our borrowers needs

After an initial conversation we can give borrower an idea if you will qualify for our loan programs. Our rates are currently between 7 1/2 to 9% depending on risk assessment. There is an income verification process that is required of all borrowers.

We have competitive rates

Rogue River Mortgage, LLC is an advocate of creative methods to borrow money. If you have an unusual loan problem or have been rejected by traditional lenders, we can help you reach your goals.

What we stand for...

Rogue River Mortgage, LLC

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225 NE "C" Street

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PO Box 706

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